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Welcome to Focast Saint-Dizier!

Our factory was established in 1937 and was a member of the big international constructors of agricultural mechanisms (International Harvester, McCormick, Case).


Since 1937, the foundry has produced and supplied product for the biggest names and brands in the agricultural and HGV industry. Since 2007, the foundry carries the name
« FOCAST, Saint Dizier ». Our factory, which practices co-engineering, has an International reputation. We are the leader, in France, in the production of transmissions for tractors and certain engine elements for HGV. Our yearly production capacity in finished goods is 38 000 tons. We produce grey quality cast iron, spheroidal cast iron and flake graphite cast iron The weight, per piece, of our product varies from 50 Kgs up to 360 Kgs.

Production Equipments

Our quality concerns

  • A study, by simulation, of the pouring

  • Permanent verification of the cast iron

  • Permanent verification of the temperature

  • Verification of the mechanical characteristics

  • Continual analysis of the sand